Wood is definitely softer than glass and metal and this is the basic reason why this material is now used, too, to build an iPad stand, since wood does not induce scratching on the iPad. The market is flooded with a variety of design choices of wooden stand for iPad or tablets, such that it comes in a variety of forms: a stand for iPad, one for iPhone, etc.


Basically, wooden ipad stand are made from a solid chunk of wood which can come from oak, maple, cherry or ash. In Asia, bamboos have been explored and new iPad bamboo stand designs are trending. The general feature of a wooden iPad stand is a block of hard wood which is cut and trimmed into a simple slab with a pair of slots routed out. The slots are specifically designed according to different angles, each for a designated purpose. One slot will hold the iPad at 45 degrees for typing and desktop use, at 18 degrees for use as a photo-frame or movie stand, at 15 degrees for viewing pictures, another at 26 degrees for playing games or working with an external keyboard.


The basic features of idynamo square stand  are compact, since the iPad is just a small device and one can bring the stand conveniently in space desired; versatile, since one can choose the preferred slot angle for whatever designated purpose; minimal, since it has to be just enough size to hold an iPad and with the right balance; and a clean, organic look that compliments well the refined feel of the iPad.



The high-end iPad wood stands are made from exotic hard woods or lighter wood of a rare maple tree variety or a darker wood that comes from South America. These expensive wooden stands are well-crafted from start to finish, cut to shape perfection and even  branded and finished by hand. That's why those who can afford to buy an iPhone, aside from their iPad, will get hold of these high-end, designed wooden stands. Call it a status lifestyle to own one, but the value of a well-crafted iPad wood stand becomes costly is because of the cost of material, as well as the design concept and cost of manual labor, all computed into the expensive outlay of the item. Perhaps, the main advantage of these brands is that your iPad can stand in both portrait and landscape angle other than the rest of the other brands in the market. To learn more about ipad stand, check out